King Arthur

King of the Britons, Scourge of the Saxons, Lord of Camelot and Leader of the Knights of the Round Table.


Probably a fighter, probably level 30, and almost certainly could kick your ass. You’d better believe that Excalibur would be one sweet magic sword.


TO speak of King Arthur in brief is to give short shrift to a man whose life and whose deeds have filled books beyond counting. To give short shrift to Arthur would prove unnecessary in England in 1521, when so many children receive tales of Camelot along with their mothers’ milk. However, he may be described as a King of the Britons who rose after the collapse of Roman rule in Britain in the sixth century A.D. He defended the Celtic Britons against the invasions of the Germanic Saxons, and unified the scattered counties of Britain under one king, thus restoring the land to the peace and order it had not enjoyed since Roman times. His court at the fabulous castle of Camelot was the very epitome of chivalry and beauty. Kings and knights from all over the Europe vied for a seat at the Round Table, as Arthur’s knights were the bravest and most virtuous of all, and their quests were the stuff of legends. His glorious reign was undone by lust; lust that rendered all his knights (save one) unworthy of ever finding the holy grail, lust that saw Arthur’s queen abandon her king for the amours of Lancelot, and lust that bore fruit in Mordred, Arthur’s bastard son who led a rebellion to challenge Arthur’s rule and gave Arthur his fatal wound.

King Arthur

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