Brother Commander Endbridge

A prominent leader of the militant Order of Saint Michael in England, and a fascist before his time.




Brother Commander Endbridge is a commander of the newly-created Order of Saint Michael for the country of England.

Endbridge, like most of the members of the Order of St. Michael, is a paladin. His training combines strict, almost fanatical faith in God and obedience to the Pope with severe military discipline. Like the members of militant orders from previous crusades, he obeys the oaths of a knight in addition to the vows of a monk. Unlike many of those crusaders, he is deadly serious about keeping his oaths and vows. Endbridge is very aware that the world has passed him by, and that the reform and rebirth of the current age are edging out armored knights, oaths of fealty, and the persecution of heretics. However, he is convinced that by making a show of punishing the worst of the transgressors against the mercy of God-namely, those humanoids and other unnatural creatures that are all the spawn of Satan-he can impress upon other, lessor transgressors the necessity of returning, unconditionally and without reservations, to the embrace of the Catholic Church and the traditions of a feudal age.

It would be very easy to hate Endbridge if he were a tyrant or a braggart, but he is neither. For all his severity and his willingness to employ violence against those he perceives as enemies (which is, essentially, anybody who isn’t fully human or devoutly Catholic), he is nevertheless a very reasonable individual when approached outside of battle. He seems to sincerely regret ordering the torture, imprisonment, and execution of those who have run afoul of his order, and to be sincere in his imprecations to God for mercy on their behalf, that death might prove sufficient punishment for their sins. He seems to regard inflicting pain and death upon heretics and their collaborators as a necessary evil in preparation for a better future, one where Europe is at last free from the threats of paganism, and humankind can prosper. He desires a world in which men like him would be unnecessary.

Endbridge is a human male in his early thirties. His accent definitely places him as English, and probably places him as educated and from a noble family, although nothing is currently known of his origins. He has short-cropped light brown hair, and skin that has tanned and wrinkled noticeably around the eyes from years of exposure to wind and weather while on campaign. Even at casual affairs or at meals, he chooses to wear his plate armor and the order’s distinctive tabard of a black cross set against a red field and to keep his greatsword about his person, as though he expects battle to come to him at a moment’s notice.

Brother Commander Endbridge

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