Brother Lieutennant MacMorris

Endbridge's aide-de-camp. A brutal barbarian dressed in the garb of a holy knight.




If it is, at times, difficult to hate Endbridge, it is not at all difficult to hate MacMorris.

MacMorris gives the impression of being a vicious dog on a fraying leash. Unlike Endbridge, who applies violence only after calculation and careful decision, Lieutennant MacMorris is ready, willing, and able to hack heretics apart first and be shriven for it later. If Endbridge honors the legacy of the crusaders through his faith and disciple, MacMorris keeps tradition alive for those crusaders who put Moslem and Jewish babies to the sword and who flooded the streets of Jerusalem with an ankle-deep torrent of blood. Only Endbridge’s direct orders are sufficient to keep MacMorris in check, and when kept from acts of extreme violence he will glare and sulk like a sullen child.

The heroes’ several meetings with MacMorris have been somewhat less than friendly. After the incident with the prisoners at Bath, MacMorris’ exchanges with the heroes have mostly consisted of his highly-detailed promises of the inevitable tortures that they (or other heretics) will suffer once they have fallen into his hands. He speaks of these tortures in a voice both low and intense, as one might speak of some kind of religious mystery or deeply personal secret.

The most notable things about MacMorris’ appearance are his shoulder-length sweep of matted red hair and the numerous small scars that criss-cross his face. These scars pepper his cheeks and chin—one large brown scar cuts across the bridge of his nose, and another bisects his right eyebrow. It’s as if he attempted to shave using his claymore. Or rather, that MacMorris has disdained helmets over his many years of brawling and dueling and fighting and killing, and takes no pains to hide the evidence of his many battles. Like Endbridge, he would seem to never remove his plate mail armor or be separated from his claymore for any reason, perhaps not even to sleep. He is in his late twenties or early thirties. His surname and accent suggest that he of western Scottish ancestry.

Brother Lieutennant MacMorris

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